MrTaxes.ca is a 100% Canadian owned Private Corporation which brings exceptional tax preparation and related services to our clients. Like the days when insurance agents visited your home each month to collect insurance premiums or the milk man delivering fresh milk each day.  MrTaxes.ca will combine the services of a bygone era with the marvels of modern technology and bring them to your doorstep.

Whether an individual, small business sole proprietor or incorporated company, we will simplify the tax preparation experience with qualified MrTaxes.ca representatives serving you remotely, at a convenient location or in the privacy of your home. We will assist you in navigating through the complex tax process by gathering all of the information needed and preparing the appropriate forms to accurately and efficiently complete your tax return. Alternatively, you can choose to complete your tax return on-line using our on-line tax preparation portal or soon to come mobile app.

Whichever route you choose, you have the assurance of knowing that your return is prepared using Canada Revenue approved tax software for both accuracy and expedient turnaround. All Returns are reviewed by MrTaxes.ca head office for accuracy and completeness before being submitted to Revenue Canada.

MrTaxes.ca currently provides tax preparation services online across Canada and through affiliate locations, online and direct with an associate. Contact us today to get started.(link)

MrTaxes.ca provides regular seminars on income tax planning as well annual training on preparing tax returns. 
Contact us direct to engage MrTaxes.ca to present at an event or seminar or for joint seminar or event opportunities.