Becoming an Associate

Why Become an Associate Today! is 100% Canadian

-24/7 remote access for software and client

-Approved Certified Tax Preparer CTP training and certification

-HRSDC approved tax training courses

-Discounting license and funds to allow for instant tax refunds

-Exclusive protected territories

-Initial and on-going training for staff and associates

-Client management and mail program

-Proven marketing systems and programs

-Eco friendly paperless model

-Multiple revenue streams

-Marketing and promotions

-Centralized call center to handle incoming call and schedule appointments

Do you have what it takes to become an Associate with
Are you:

-a self-starter


-your own boss
-results and goal oriented 

-happy to work hard to build a business you own

-customer oriented 

-detail oriented 

-sales savvy

-experienced with tax and/or business 

-accounting, bookkeeping and payroll experience

-strategic planning experience

-a leader

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

What is the approximate investment required to become an associate with

There are two separate investments required to become an associate. One is time and the other is financial. We require all our associates to complete and become a Certified Tax Preparer ( HYPERLINK “” This certification ensures that all our associates are meeting the educational, professional and technical requirements to properly service tax clients.

The financial cost is for technology and marketing. We have a monthly fee that is netted from revenues. We provide all our associates with online SharePoint and office suite as well as up to date tax software approved by CRA.

Associates are required to have the CTP T1 course completed prior to coming on board with us. There is additional on-going continuing education requirements both internally and facilitated externally. also provides progression to more complex personal tax assignments as well as incorporated and non-incorporated returns. Each year we provide training to update associates regarding the latest tax laws, marketing and self promotion to enhance their revenue.

Can I choose what products I sell in my franchise? requires all associates and staff to promote corporate approved services and products in order that we may have brand consistency.  However, we appreciate markets differ. Associates may submit new product and service ideas to for review and potential approval.
May I bring on additional staff to assist me?
All services provided are direct from each associate. We have an internal hierarch model which allows for assistance and support. For example you may have a complex tax scenario, vacation , product or tech support needs. Typically associates grow their business to beyond what they can personally service which is why our hierarchy model works so well. Our associates benefit financially from this model. is here to support our associates in every facet of servicing clients.

What support is given to a associates? will provide you with the tools and support needed to service clients in a timely, efficient and accurate manner. The support starts before associates even see their first client. On-going support includes;

Tax preparation software
Marketing and branding
Trade show attendance
New product sourcing
Client management tools
Policy and operating processes
Electronic newsletter, website and social media
Special event support and presence

Do I need previous tax-preparation experience?
Tax preparation certification through is necessary to work with as an associate or staff member. Additional experience you may have gained previously in tax service industry will benefit you but is not necessary. More than anything, we are looking for people with sound business sense, are computer literate and who embrace our Culture, Vision, Mission and Core Values.

What is the next step?

If you have what it takes to become a associate or staff member then apply through our online portal today to arrange for a meeting with us. We look forward to meeting you.