Despite being highly skilled, immigrants often find themselves in positions where they are unable to fully utilize their expertise. This is one of many reasons why starting a business with is the perfect opportunity for potential immigrants. We believe that accounting is a universal skill and opening a franchise location will allow immigrants to continue working in a sector that they are passionate about.

Furthermore, our franchise opportunity can expedite the immigration process. Through the various Canadian Business Immigration programs, candidates can receive priority in the immigration process and undergo the experience much more quickly.

There are many other reasons why opening a franchise is the perfect opportunity for immigration candidates:

  • Candidates will be provided with a copy of our business plan to submit in their application so that they do not need to compose it themselves
  • Candidates will be connected to a trusted immigration expert to help and support them throughout the entire process
  • will also support the candidate throughout the process, continuing into the time when the office is up and running


Are you ready to change your life and own a business here in Canada? Applying for a franchise is fast and easy.

  1. Complete this short form to indicate your interest and we will email you a copy of the application package.
  2. We will review your application and you will be contacted within a few weeks if selected for an interview.
  3. Three rounds of interviews will take place at our head office in Vancouver to determine your eligibility and for you to understand more about the organization.
  4. If both sides feel that it is a good fit, we will connect you with a trusted immigration consultant to get your business started!

Best of luck on your application, and we look forward to meeting you.


If you have any questions or concerns about our franchising opportunity, please send us a message at or set up a phone meeting at


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