Personal Tax
We prepare current and past tax returns as well as free tax reviews. Additional individual services include audit, objection, appeal and Federal Tax Court representation. For personal tax returns we can go back as far as ten years for review and adjustment to claim many available tax credits to ensure you are receiving the maximum refunds possible. For current returns we use CRA approved software and all our associates and affiliate locations are Efile registered.

Business Tax

Although our core service is personal tax preparation we do provide proprietor and corporate tax return services. There are several types of small business or unincorporated returns. There is general business and professional, real estate rental, farming, fishing and commission type returns that are filed as part of your personal T1 tax return. There are also corporate tax returns. Which is better? Which saves you the most tax?  Ask us how today…!

We can help you decide which structure is best for your business. We provide these services and have systems that we implement for our clients to increase your timeliness, accuracy and efficiency. We take away the hassle of paperwork so that you can focus on your core business, clients and customers.

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