Free 2018 T1 Tax Return ($150 Value) Weekly Draw Contest Form (see below for contest terms and conditions:


Contest Terms and Conditions:

  1. One winner will be drawn each week from qualified entries every Monday starting February 25, 2019 and ending on April 29, 2019 (10 Winners).
  2. Qualifying consists of filling in and submitting the form above, agreeing to a complimentary tax and financial review and liking the three Facebook pages listed below (live links).  You must qualify on or before the draw date to be eligible.
  3. Your will be entered only once, you can only win once but are eligible for all ten draws. 
  4. Additional entries may be available so watch for email instructions.
  5. Winners must agree to have their name and Facebook link posted below.
  6. Additional entries are available so watch for emails.
  7. Value of prize may be credited towards other MrTaxes.ca services such as T2 or Self Employed returns.
  8. Prize is transferable with permission from contest holder.  Prize recipient must agree to the terms of the contest.
  9. All Facebook pages below must be liked by your personal page below to qualify:
    1. www.Facebook.com/MrTaxes
    2. www.Facebook.com/MrInsurance.ca
    3. www.Facebook.com/FreeNOA/

Week 1: Cherie B
Week 2: Richard M
Week 3: Michael H
Week 4: Leona C
Week 5:
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:
Week 9:
Week 10:
Bonus Draw: