Thank you for your Corporate Tax Strategy Booking

Thank you for registering for a Corporate Tax Strategy Session. We are a fellow resident of New Westminster since 2020 but have been in business since 1984. We are excited for our Zoom meeting with you to find out more about you as a business neighbor.

About us. Started in Ontario, moved to BC in 1995. Grew to 42 locations and 350+ staff by 2015 then sold tax filing practice to focus on tax planning. We moved our head offices to New Westminster in 2020 and plan for this to be home for many years. We are currently franchising across Canada.

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We utilize a combination of tax and financial planning. Our process is simple. We provide a complimentary review of your corporate and personal tax filings to see how much tax your are paying and see if we can help reduce the amounts past, present and future. We incorporate a combination of tax and financial experience with strategies used by large corporations to minimize or eliminate their taxes and maximize their wealth. You don’t want to pay more tax than you have to do you? Neither do we…!

For our strategy session time go to and put in our personal code below:

Robert Stone: 604 678 2937
Brent Edwardson: 684 858 2580 Inc.
210 – 713 Columbia Street
New Westminster BC V3M1B2
604-MrTaxes (678-2937)