Finastra (Wikipedia). (Dated back to 1870 and 4.8 Billion U$ Market cap. Global leader a portfolio of products and solutions to the retail banking, transaction banking, lending, and treasury capital markets.

2021-04-16 Finastra on new alliance between and Filogix
“By partnering with Inc. to enhance NOA capabilities within the #FilogixExpertPro platform, we are providing the [Canadian mortgage] industry with the most modern, fastest, seamless solution for assisting borrowers in obtaining important Canada Revenue Agency documents required by the lender.” — Siobhan Byron (She/Her), SVP and Head of Finastra’s Technology Enabled Managed Services.

2021-04-15 Filogis/Finastra press release (link)
Finastra press release: forms alliance with Filogix in Canada

2021-04-15 on and Filogix alliance
Filogix, a Finastra company, enhances Notice of Assessment functionality in Filogix Expert Pro

2021-04-15 Filogix (Finastra) press release (PDF)
Filogix forms alliance with Inc. to streamline NOA services for Expert Pro

2021-04-16 story on and Filogix (Finastra) alliance