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I was introduced to Toastmasters (www.Toastmasters.org) in 2010 by a colleague Rob Nelson.  In recent years I have learned that self-development is important if you want to improve and grow as an individual.  I wish to express my gratitude to Rob for introducing me to Toastmasters and what it has done for my business career and personal life.  I have now completed my third Distinguished Toast Masters Award (DTM). That is the highest level for the international acclaimed public speaking program, and I have now successfully completed the entire program three times.  Ironically, I received a leaving certificate from the now defunct CGA program for failing the communications course three times.  I learned along the way though that you should spend as much time sharpening your axe as you use it to chop wood and that you cannot beat someone who never quits.  Small but well served pieces of advice.  Bill Bartmann is quoted saying, “You go to school to make a living, you get self-education to become rich”.

I have to give a special thank you and Gratitude to the late Lance Koyanagi.  Lance was my first accounting “boss”.  I had met up with Lance several times after I left that first internal accounting position to discuss starting an accounting practice in partnership.  I had the fight, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit.  Lance had the accounting experience, organization skills and knowledge.

Our dream never materialized together as it was to my deepest sorrow that Lance was found deceased in his Vancouver apartment from unknown causes. Foul play was not ruled out.  It was not until years later that I had the resources, knowledge and ambition to start my own tax practice, MrTaxes.ca Inc. was reborn.

Thank you Lance for your mentorship, support, guidance and friendship.  I have a reference letter in the index which Lance had written for me when I left that position for my first full time accounting position.  I keep that letter to this day.  I know he is in heaven now, balancing their books.

To all of the clients I have had over the years.  From the income tax clients I had in high school doing returns in the cafeteria (No wonder I did not finish high school), to my clients as a financial advisor.  I am grateful to you all for your trust in me.  I learn something every time I do business with someone.  Either good or bad, I take every experience and try to grow from it.  My goal is to ensure every client pays the minimum amount of tax possible by law and maximizes their wealth.  Remember it is not how much you make but how much you keep.

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