Why MrTaxes.ca

MrTaxes.ca is a Federal corporation in Canada that is a registered Efiler with the Canada Revenue Agency. We are doing taxes a different way. Embracing technology is our game and we have navigated through the last two tax seasons without having to meet a client in person. We service all provinces in Canada with the exception of Quebec. We are seeking a partner in Quebec so if you are interested please reach out.

Our trademark is dated in Canada as first use in 1984. We know taxes and how to minimize them. If you are seeking a tax preparer for your personal, self employed and/or Canadian corporate taxes then please reach out at www.MrTaxes.ca/meeting.

www.DollarTaxClub.ca is a brand we created to offer discounts, a referral program and loads of tax saving content, forms and events. We look forward to seeing you there.

We are here to minimize tax, and maximize wealth.

Our Mission

Everything we do is based upon a foundation of strong values: ethics, respect, motivation and enthusiasm.

Our Vision

For each client, our mission is to minimize tax and maximize wealth for all clients.

Our Values

We want to educate and enable every Canadian to legally pay the least amount of income tax possible.