You are amazing at what you do. Whether that be tax preparing, accounting, bookkeeping… but you want more. Owning a MrTaxes.ca franchise gives you the fulfillment that you have been seeking of owning your own business, while allowing you to continue working in your area of expertise. With unlimited growth opportunities, this is an extraordinary opportunity to increase your client base, increase revenue, and work with a trusted brand in the Canadian financial services industry.


  • Minimal fees: we charge NO ROYALTY FEE, NO LEASES, and NO MARKETING FEES
  • Several revenue streams: Our associates can offer several other financial services under the MrInvestments.ca, MrInsurance.ca, MrBookkeeping.ca, and MrPayroll.ca brands.
  • Extensive support: comprehensive initial onboarding programs, regular training, and easily accessible communication channels with head office support to ensure that you are well-equipped for success
  • Exclusivity: limited territory licenses, guaranteeing resident client leads to your protected areaClient leads:the trusted MrTaxes.ca brand will allow you to connect with infinite clients that you would be unlikely to encounter otherwise
  • Online system: access to industry leading software and platforms

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Are you ready to change your life and own your own business? Applying for a MrTaxes.ca franchise is incredibly fast and easy.

1. Complete short form at the link at the end here to indicate your interest (www.MrTaxes.ca/opportunity)

2. We will then review your application and if we believe you have what it takes to become a MrTaxes.ca franchisee we will contact you for a first interview.

3. Three rounds of interviews will take place at to determine your eligibility and for you to understand more about the organization.

4. If all works out we will then start the franchise process by presenting you with the franchise disclosure document.
It is that simple! Best of luck on your application, and we look forward to meeting you.


If you have any questions or concerns about our franchising opportunity, please send us a message or set up a phone meeting

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