Free Tax Returns

Welcome to the home of the Free Tax Returns* by Everyone likes free right! Here is how it works.  Conditions* apply.

If you want your return for free you have to meet the following criteria:
– You must be a new client
– You must have a existing mortgage or placing a new mortgage in next six months
– You must agree to renew or place your mortgage with one of our approved mortgage brokers
– You agree to have obtain all the mortgage documents needed to provide a mortgage review (Complimentary service for tax clients)
– You meet with our affiliated mortgage broker and sign their commitment letters
– Agree to sit down with a associate and review the complimentary 10 year review on your past returns and financial review

Are you a mortgage broker and want on this program? (Click Here) or call us 604-MrTaxes (678-2937).

Here is what the mortgage broker does for you:
– Guarantees the best mortgage custom tailored for you
– Pays for one T1 General return (Current or past return $180 value)
– Pays for one T1 General return for a friend/referral (Current or past return $180 value)
– Reviews your past and future mortgage needs to see how they can better serve you.

Meet those criteria and we will process your T1 general return for one year on behalf of your new mortgage brokers.

Are you a mortgage broker and want on this program? (Click Here) or call us.

If you do not have a mortgage or getting one then set up a time with

*All mortgage advocates are licensed in their respective province.