Notice of Assessment – Proof of Income – Status of Return – Income Slips – Statements of Account – Summaries

This page has instructions and links for retrieving your tax documents from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

If your tax returns have been assessed and your income slips have been submitted to CRA by the issuer then they are most likely available to you by contacting CRA. Remember there are four types of assessments from CRA (Notice of Assessment – Proof of Income – Status of Return – Instant Notice of Assessment-ENOA)

  1. By phone 1-800-959-8281 general help line or through their website at (click here).
  2. Contact the firm/person you filed your return with. If they are authorized Efile service then they log in and obtain your required documents. If they are not then you may want to find out why they do not have a license.
  3. If you filed your own return with Netfile software then go to CRA ENOA page to learn how to obtain your documents.
  4. The last but by far the simplest and easiest method is to use an accounting firm like CRA has restrictions on Efilers using their accounts to strictly pull documents on bahalf of taxpayers. There are security risks with third party signatures collectors and we are certain you do not want to take those risks and neither do accounting firms. is a regisred Efiler with CRA and can assist with filing returns, objections for balances owing, replacing T1 and T2 tax returns and also provides complimentary 10 year tax reviews. Work with (click here) to get started today.

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