Founder, president and CEO of Inc. Robert Stone has been an income tax professional since 1983. Roberts career bean in 1983 while still in high school where he was paid to complete his first tax returns for friends and family. After various career changes Robert fell back into his passion literally after a serious injury breaking his neck in 1996. Since then, Robert has formed which is a Canadian based federal franchised accounting office which specializes in personal and corporate tax and includes other financial services such as financial planning, insurance, investments, mortgages and real estate.

Robert has been a national presenter for, was a founding contributor for, opened 42 tax service locations by 2015 and is currently leading the franchising efforts of Franchising Inc. across Canada.

Robert played most sports growing up which included hockey, baseball, football, karate and then finally a fourteen-year boxing career with 152 bouts (132-20 w/ 101 ko’s).  The sporting career was a leading contribution to success.  My story is a simple one.  It was an unplanned chain of events and an indirect path that has brought me to the profession I am in today.  We sometimes have control over our destiny and a distinct vision that we map out for ourselves.  Perhaps our parents, peers or society has a path set out for us.  Perhaps God has a different or greater calling of us?  I can assure you that my path is not the result of control or a clear vision from myself or anyone else other than perhaps God.  It has been anything and everything but the above.  Let me tell you that I have had a lot of fun along the way and that I have no regrets about any of the decisions, courses of action or paths that I have taken.  If we did that or dwelled upon it then we detract from moving forward and infinitely improving.  Failure is vivid in the rear-view mirror of success and success is the greatest revenge.

I was born in London, ON but grew up and did all my schooling in Ottawa, Ontario.  My half brothers and sisters don’t all share the same family name.  I was 9 years old when I got my first paper route.  It was for a free local paper in Ottawa called the Pennysaver.  Ironic name for a classified publication and foresight to my Irish ways.  You had to be ten to have a paper route with them but my single mother somehow convinced them to allow my younger brother Patrick and me to deliver the papers.  Whatever her reasoning for getting us to work in hindsight it turned out to be such a fun, insightful, rewarding and lesson learning experience.  It forced my brother and me to work together as opposed to killing each other.  It must have worked because we are both still alive.   It does not matter if it was a good or bad working experience, I was hooked.

I was in my first year of high school when Canada Post went on strike in June of 1981.  I was not old enough to drive but my uncle Terry worked at the time for Swift Courier Company in Ottawa and he alerted me that they were seeking bike couriers for the downtown core because there was no mail service.  I worked for the summer and made more money delivering letters in the downtown core by bicycle than the rural adult drivers.  Bike couriers evolved as a result of necessity and the courier companies being overwhelmed.  It was a great contract position that allowed me to reduce my tax through the benefits of self-employment.

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