Enagic and MrTaxes

Welcome team Enagic. You are on this page as a referral from someone in your organization and we are grateful that you are here. We are a full service accounting firm that works remotely with clients across Canada. We are fully Efile and RepID registered with Canada Revenue and also insurance and investment licensed in house. There are links below to tracking sheets, checklists and forms for your use. They are all Free downloads for you and your team.

We are also offering a 25% discount for first time clients and our new 40/30/20/10 discount. January each year existing clients get 40% off if paid and forms signed by end of January etc. reduced each month to 10% if in April to anyone in the Enagic business regardless of team and/or hierarchy. We believe self employment is one of the best tax saving strategies in Canada for individuals as long as you file properly. We are here to help. Book a complimentary review and/or consult with is today at www.MrTaxesca/meeting

To start we offer a ten year no obligation tax review. We are always behind on these as it is free and free is great. These reviews have so far turned up a few $100k in lost or entitled refunds for Enagc team members that have taken us up on the offer. To take us up on this offer and get started we will need you to follow the steps below. Book now at www.MrTaxesca/meeting.

  1. Set up a drop www.DropBox.com account (click here). It is free. This is where we share your report and documents from CRA.
  2. Complete the CRA Authorization form: T1013 (click here)
  3. Complete the MrTaxes.ca Information Form (Click here)
  4. Complete the Authorization to file T183 (Click here)
  5. If you have a GST number then complete the Business Number Form (click here)
  6. Submit forms by online portal (click here), DropBox@MrTaxes.ca (Link or email)
  7. Set up a time for phone call to get started at www.MrTaxes.ca/meeting.

For your convenience there is a few links below to a simple checklist, tracking spreadsheet and labels.

General Tax Filing Checklist (click here)
Tracking spreadsheet (click here)
Folder Labels (click here)
Mileage Log (click here)

www.MrTaxesca/meeting (click here)